Makes your IT project successful

With the right approach and clear communication I make projects run well and make them successful. Of course you yourself determine the conditions on which we can call the projects results a success and we agree upon that upfront. The foundation for success I lay in the beginning of the project. Based on your goals and objectives  I make a custom made project approach. You determine the goals, I make it happen.

Success factors:
• Experienced project manager
• Extensive knowledge and experience in automation
• Good communication
• Good cooperation
• Keeps in mind the interest of all involved parties
• Team builder, motivator en bridge builder
• Focused and persuasive
• Can well handle resistance
• Experience with business process improvement
• Experience with system development projects and modern development methodologies
• Experience with implementation of software applications from external vendors
• Experience with working in complex organizations and virtual teams (with members in different countries)
• Draw up a project plan in close cooperation with you, the client